Monday, February 13, 2017


I know Trump didn't typeset this poster. As lazy and disinterested as he's proven himself to be over the last year-plus, I'm certain he didn't even take the time to proofread it ... not that his tweets have demonstrated he possesses even a rudimentary understanding of spelling and punctuation anyway. And, quite frankly, the slightly-feel-good-but-essentially-meaningless lofty-lite language here is wholly inconsistent with the fifth-grade level of syntax he seems barely capable of maintaining in his communications. So I'm sure this copy came from one of his writers, who probably struggled valiantly to bridge the gap between the appalling Trumpspeak nobody wants to hear and the inspiring, thoughtful lyricism we as a nation expect from a president we shouldn't have to hope and pray doesn't sound like he just learned to read yesterday.
So while man-boy continues to unleash a daily deluge of childish distractions, laughable lies, narcissistic humiliations and international horrors, this kindergarten typo arguably didn't escape from his personal dungeon of ineptitudes. So I benevolently grant him a get-out-of-stupidity-free card this time in my monopoly of unhinged political rants.
But I could be wrong.
A missing "o" has already proven to be a tidy, convenient distraction from the current news cycle's man-boy scandal stemming from our national security adviser's "inability to deny" -- as fake-news source CNN so artfully framed it -- "that he spoke about sanctions against Russia with the Russian ambassador before President Donald Trump took office."
And through those alleged actions, longtime Trump crony Michael Flynn -- he of the abovementioned "inability to deny" -- potentially embarrassed the already national embarrassment Mike Pence, who has gone on record -- and on television -- unequivocally denying these accusations against Flynn.
The underlying -- and overwhelming -- issue here is that our national security adviser -- and do note that "national security" part -- allegedly discussed the possible revision of sanctions and diplomatic presence with the ambassador to a country we have a historically contentious relationship -- and a disconcerting Trumpian future -- with. And then he allegedly lied about it to the already truth-challenged senior members of the man-boy administration.
It's not a country-destroying scandal -- yet -- but it is another glaring and almost daily example of Trump's lack of judgment in choosing high-ranking government officials, his lack of control over their potentially damaging actions and alliances, and the fact that there are actually endless challenges that are "to great" for him to handle.

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