Friday, February 24, 2017

Flashback Friday: Expectoration Edition

Hustle up the Hancock is the most excruciating triple marathon you can put your quads and lungs through in one 20-minute, 94-floor stair climb. It's a fundraiser for a lung health organization that (the race, not the organization) ironically kicks up an effluvium of long-dormant dust in a rarely used staircase and it ultimately gives the runners hacking, blood-flavored coughs. Unfortunately, "Hack up the Hancock" is already trademarked or something so the organizers are forced to use the less-accurate "Hustle" every year.

But! Every year I did the climb I organized a hacking team that I cleverly named the Social Climbers, which both mitigated our pain and elevated (ahem) our social standing by the sheer force of its Oscar-worthy cleverness.

And it always inspired us to never give up. (Ahem again.)

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