Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow

Well, another Valentine's Day is over and done and nothing is left to show for it but a wobbly hash mark in the record books, 15 reasonably clever and 4 blatantly derivative cat memes on my blog, a mysterious lipstick smudge stretching from my right elbow to a location I'd rather not discuss in front the children thank you, a stray rose petal lodged in the wad of duct tape in my trunk, a carpet stain that I'm pretty sure smells like cupcake sprinkles but in my present condition it's hard to tell, a petulant man-boy wasting space and time and tax dollars in the White House, a mint.com unauthorized spending alert I can't seem to delete from my damn phone, and a curiously designed bra and panty set I've been wearing all day just in case. I hope your day was less humdrum than mine.

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