Friday, February 17, 2017

Flashback Friday: Pun Pun Pun Edition

Any bleach will do technicolor things to your dreamhair when you want to make your significantly older self struggle to devise clever and meaningful and relevant puns (But puns are tacky. I would never lower my writing to something that linguistically derivative.) to describe your questionable tonsorial (fun fact: "tonsorial" means "related to hairdressing") decisions regarding a super-awesome show you did with super awesome people 18 whopping years after the fact on technology you'd never dream (ahem) would exist.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was was was the last show I did at Theatre Cedar Rapids before I moved moved moved to Chicago, and it made made made (Stop it, Jake! Just stop it!) for a great and memorable send-off. But bleached hair is like sandpaper so it's impossible to towel-dry. Art isn't easy though, and I'd bleach it all over again if I got cast as a 30-year-old brother (Or Joseph. Or the goat. I'm not picky.) to do the show. Which is unlikely to the point of being impossible, but any dream will do.

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