Sunday, May 07, 2017

Let's revisit this desperate, defensive little gem, shall we?

First of all, why are you using NYC as the cost baseline for gauging the expense and disruption of your weekend when you have literally acres of much more affordable and practical space for your Meetings! in the White House?

Secondly, if you're concerned about the expense and disruption of NYC, why are you storing the wife of your third failing marriage there in a gilt tower?

Thirdly, since you're already spending inordinate amounts of money and causing frustrating amounts of disruptions by housing her in your secure NYC tower, how is it cheaper and more practical to set up a similar bunker for yourself in NJ?

Fourthly, what's up with describing things as beautiful when you want it to seem like they're part of some broader illusion of good judgment you're trying to convince people you have? You used the same word to make your chocolate cake seem like an acceptable excuse for not being involved in any way in our bombing of Syria. Or Iran. Whatever.

Fifthly, you can sure pack a lot into one tweet that it would probably be better for you not to send: paranoia, defensiveness, distraction, lies, omissions, implausibilities, evidence of your delusions that you're a respected leader, needless exclamation points to show you're busy! and important! and you mean it!

Sixthly, now that your busy weekend has come to a close, how were those Meetings!? Didja accomplish anything Americany or important? Didja see any birdies? Because only your base is buying your crap.

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