Tuesday, May 09, 2017

I think he adores cosmos too

So tonight we're staging a scene in Victor/Victoria where I play a choreographer for a French drag show. Which is so outside my skill set and comfort zone that I can't even decide which macramé leotard to wear. To make matters worse, my character doesn't even have a name or a wig plot so I don't have any of the actorly tools I need to build a plausible backstory or any semblance of an emotional development arc. Heck, there isn't even any evidence in the script that he's gay. Which would just be preposterous anyway. But we've been encouraged to explore our characters and take brave actorly risks. So I've decided -- as a tentative, not-yet-committing-to-be-gay blueprint -- that my character's name is Fulgencio and he has a sibilant s and he stands in a bevel. And he likes show tunes. Just not the gay ones.

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