Sunday, June 11, 2017

Closet jokes? Really?

Wink-wink-I-might-be-gay was coy and titillating 20 years ago, but now it just makes you look afraid, ashamed and pathetic.

You are entitled to come out on your own terms and in your own way, obviously, but you insult what we've achieved and you forfeit our look-the-other-way professional courtesy when you repeatedly play wink-wink-I-might-be-gay on national television in 2017. Those of us who are never-look-back out and those of us who are resolutely-in-the-closet not have made our choices and are living our lives the way we decree. But our culture still dictates that you can't have it both ways. And your self-indulgent behavior tonight made you look like a childish coward, Kevin.

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