Friday, February 01, 2019

It’s our first show back after five days off

and I somehow, somewhere (I honestly don’t remember) managed to knock a few square inches off a week’s worth of scabbing from last week’s epic stumble in the dark and bleed all over everything I came in contact with tonight. I was more worried about my partially healed ripped-off fingernail catching on something and re-ripping itself off, but at least it behaved. And yes, I’m flipping you off in this photo, but don’t take it personally. And stop trying to make this about you.
Otherwise, tonight’s show KICKED ASS (thanks, pre-drunk audience!) and I was in really good voice for my stratospheric money notes, though I’ve learned twice now that I don’t cover well when I white-out on a line. Thankfully I’m surrounded by very quick, helpful actors to save me from melting into a puddle of flop sweat both times it happened.

You have only five more times to see our awesome little show ... and our awesome little winkies. Come join us!

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