Thursday, July 12, 2018

Our state capitol is capitoler than your state capitol

Our gold-leafed dome shimmers on the hill:
 The staircase up to the breathtaking rotunda:
Toldja it was breathtaking:
A vestibule off the first floor:
A gorgeous bas-relief tribute to women crowned by an unmistakably Deco sunburst:
Another vestibule has a creepy display of dolls fetishizing the inauguration gowns of our First Ladies:
The stairs to the second floor of the rotunda:
Corn art!
The I above the House chamber windows stands for I LOVE THIS BUILDING: 
But gross. Just fucking gross. Just because an impotent man-boy climbs on his Big Wheel and hurls his feces at the adults to play president doesn’t mean we have to sully our Senate chamber walls with his festering rictus:
Patterns and textures on the second floor:
The steps to the dome, which I unfortunately didn't get to climb:
The freaking STUNNING second-floor library, ladies and gentlemen:
It has lots of books:
And a dumb waiter. For smart people. They’re smart because they read books. And they figured out a way to avoid carrying them up the steps:
And an intricate iron staircase the is the envy of the entire Industrial Revolution:
More intricate wrought iron:
And a beautifully stenciled ceiling medallion:
 A little sorbet to cleanse the palate:
Monuments on the nearby grounds:
Iowa’s memorial to the drooling buffalo that used to wander our land, moistening our soil.
Walking away: 
 Goodbye for now, noble capitol:

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