Friday, July 20, 2018

You know how in Singin’ in the Rain when Don Lockwood tells his adoring fans at the premiere of The Royal Rascal that his entire career has been driven by the motto “Dignity. Always dignity.”?

Yeah. We don’t have that.
Scott might look like he has dignity in our running selfies, but I think I heard him say a swear under his breath once. What a butthead. Rob comes the closest to having dignity, but he once wore running shorts that didn’t quite go with his new running shoes. Freak. I’m probably the least dignified, but it’s none of your damn business why. Jerks.

I ran my three miles at an 11:09 pace this morning though, which is pretty dignified given the slow ramp-up of my pace after my stupid hip injury cost me a month of training.

But we’re all still total embarrassments to ourselves. So shut up.

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