Sunday, December 10, 2017

Oh Deer

Meet Oh, the newest member of the low-budget Deer family I am apparently now collecting in the fauna division of my holiday flora (which would be random shapes and sizes of pine trees) and fauna (which would be Oh Deer and his be-antlered brethren Hey, Mo, Fa, Spi, Bor, Won, Shud, Over, Doah, Truthor, Firefi and Fulgencio) collections.

Please try to tear your eyes away from the Kountry Krafts wallpaper border (which is not to be confused with Bor Deer himself, obvi) before they burn in their sockets; it will be gone and the wall will be painted a rich blue just as soon as I decide which rich blue to use. Which won’t happen until after I finish naming Sue, Turpen and all the rest of my Pine family.

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