Saturday, October 13, 2018

Well, I was SUPPOSED to see A Star Is Born tonight

But they must have mislabeled the theater we went into, because instead we saw Bradley Cooper: A Study In Blue Eyes, Distracting Abs And All Around Male Perfection And Oh Yeah Lady Gaga Is Freaking Awesome Too But We Already Knew That So Let’s Get Back To How Much I’m Going To Marry Bradley Cooper.
The movie really is pretty awesome. The singing, the beautifully intertwined rhythms of joy and humor and emotion and pathos, the creative range of camera work, the slightly dusty palette ... THE SINGING. My only criticism is that it feels a titch long toward the end, and I found myself ready for whatever was going to happen to hurry up and happen before I started losing sympathy for the characters.

Plus their puppy kind of got uglier as it grew into a dog. But that’s just a kibble.

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