Thursday, October 04, 2018

The Kaine-Pence VP debate was two years ago tonight

Facebook just reminded me that I live-blogged my incredulous condescension toward the hypocritical vile-queen evil that is Mike Pence as I watched. Looking back, I seemed to be preternaturally composed:

8:15 PM
Pence sure is good at changing the subject to avoid answering an awkward question. I'll give him that.

8:37 PM
Pence seems alarmingly controlled -- which is quite an accomplishment given that his biggest challenge is to spin Donald's worm shit into silk.

8:52 PM
"Basket of deplorables" does NOT equal an "insult-driven campaign," Pence. But it was cute of you to act like your tender lotus-blossom feelings got hurt over it. Kaine gave you a mile-long list of shit that's sprayed daily out of Trump's for-real insult-driven campaign and "basket of deplorables" is all you can come up with as a response? FAIL.

9:04 PM
"If you don't know the difference between a dictatorship and leadership, then you need to go back to a fifth-grade civics class." Nicely played, Kaine. Except I would have ended with a more withering insult. Seriously. Hire me to write your speeches. I have a degree in wither.

9:10 PM
Seriously, Pence? "That was beneath you and Hillary Clinton"? You and Trump are the national grand champions on going sewer-level low. You have zero credibility for trying to look like you've ever taken a high road in your life.

9:16 PM
ENOUGH with the butthurt whimpering, Pence. Reciting televised Trump quotes and lists of documented facts is NOT an "insult-driven campaign," no matter how loudly you whine that it is.

9:30 PM
NOBODY wants abortions, Mike. Don't make it sound like you protect life and Democrats feed on the souls of dead babies. We ALL want fewer unwanted pregnancies, which in turn would result in fewer abortions. Hillary herself has said as much on the Senate floor.

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