Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Important things to know about me

1. My mom selfishly had shoulder surgery so I'm forced to fold my own laundry
2. I have an El Camino T-shirt and you suck
3. I mean you don't
4. I own underpants in a rich spectrum of blacks and blues
5. Yes, I do own a concentric tie-dyed Captain America T-shirt
6. My smiley-face shirt says "have a nice day" on the front and the back
7. Because I'm so emotionally magnanimous that I want you to be happy whether you see me coming or going
8. Yes, that is a bleach print of a mouse under a mushroom right above the chest pocket on that black T-shirt
9. Because why not?
10. El. Camino. T. Shirt.

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