Friday, July 28, 2017

Flashback Friday: Granny Socks Edition

Back when I was running enough races to have chronic running injuries, someone suggested I spend some stupid amount of money on compression granny socks to stabilize my shin splints or whatever meaningless verb they used. My verdict: spend the money on hookers and porn and just run with your shin splints. Because otherwise all you'll get is a passing resemblance to Marcia Brady on the first day of school. Case in point:
Judging by the bag in my hand, this picture is also from back in the day when even the littlest races loaded you with tons of cool swag. Now all you get is coupons for store-brand sports drinks and the ever-present sample of some Icy Hot knockoff. But you also still get abs. So I hear. Which is why running season starts this weekend and my first 10K looms just a month away. Onward!

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