Saturday, March 16, 2019

When it’s your first day back at the gym in literally a week

because you’ve been working 24/7 on 9 to 5 and you didn’t even think about the fact that you’re still sporting last night’s wig-cap hair and sideburn glue before you left the house so you look either like a crazy person or a workout beast but there’s hardly anyone at the gym to notice you so you can safely take a number of selfies to choose from and yes this wrinkly one is the best of the batch but it’s not like I’m gonna land a boyfriend or even a date here today especially not with the cute guy I’ve been introduced to twice but who otherwise pretends not to see me even though he totally can’t pull off that attitude because one this isn’t a stand-and-model gay gym and two gurl you’re not THAT cute but anyway even though taking a whole week off literally made me feel fat and sluggish and old I clearly didn’t lose strength because I’m still lifting the same weights today and dare I say it I even feel like I could actually go up in weight and wow I’ve sure switched pronouns and cases here with wild abandon and is this what you call a run-on sentence?

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