Sunday, March 10, 2019

I had a dream last night

that I was giving some sort of symposium on some sort of public policy and I noticed that Taylor Swift was sitting in the second row of the audience next to a woman I was pretty sure was Kathy Griffin but I wasn’t really sure and I didn’t want to ask and look stupid because of course I should know who Kathy Griffin is and it was weird that I knew who Taylor Swift was because I really know very little about her but anyway I got to a part in my presentation where I discussed people who are polarizing and I decided for some reason that I had no choice but to use Taylor Swift as an example so I called her out on being a polarizing public figure even though as I said I barely know anything about her but I couldn’t call out the woman who may or may not have been Kathy Griffin as a polarizing figure because again I wasn’t entirely sure the woman was indeed Kathy Griffin and again I didn’t want to look stupid even though Kathy Griffin is very much a polarizing figure and she would have been a much better example to call out and the look on Taylor Swift’s face when I called her out as being a polarizing figure was a mix of unwelcome shock and uncomfortable embarrassment and I kept saying she was a polarizing figure anyway and I don’t remember how the dream ended but here’s a picture of Bitch Kitty in a box:

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