Saturday, March 23, 2019

I’ve been really conscientious (thank goodness autospell took that word and ran with it for me after three letters) about stretching and gently easing into movement with the areas of my body that have historically flared up with chronic gym injuries

... and I’ve perhaps been too enthusiastic about diving into my workouts involving every part of my body that hasn’t previously given me trouble because now I have heretofore-not-existing pain and tightness deep in my ventral left deltoid. It’s not bad, but it’s bad enough that it’s sidelined my chest and shoulders workouts out of caution. Fortunately, I still have a back and legs and a core and two arms, the latter of which are getting some brutal attention today. OK, intermittently brutal; there are currently five other people here and they’re all on the other side of the gym and clearly not holding auditions for Husband Who Actually Works Out Instead Of Sitting On The Equipment Brazenly Taking Selfies And Playing On His Phone and I’m probably spending too much time sitting on the equipment brazenly taking selfies and playing on my phone instead of brutally blasting my arms.

Oops—the Bus Of More Gym People must have pulled up while I blathered on and on in that last sentence because now there are more gym people here. I’m still all alone on the preacher bench at the front of the gym though, so maybe they all know something I don’t. Or they’re afraid of seeing my ventral left deltoid explode in a shower of pain, gristle and glitter.
My anatomy isn’t such that I can take a selfie that shows any progress on my arm blast, so I’m reduced to posting a selfie that shows zero progress in removing my face wrinkles or taming my hair. The management regrets this error.

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