Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pestilential parents update

Things have declined a bit since last night. Dad’s oxygen levels have dropped and his lung fluid has increased, which apparently doesn’t equal each other out. But he’s in a hospital surrounded by medical people who stick things in his nose for fun and profit, so we’re leaving him in their hands for the morning.

Mom developed violent shivers late last night so I slept next to her in case they got worse and this morning she had a temperature of 102.2°, plus I figured out how to make a ° on my phone so I’ll be reporting her temperature using little ° signs every f°ur minutes on here. I’ll als° be staying h°me with her f°r a few h°urs this m°rning instead °f g°ing t° w°rk, where I write t°tally g°°d w°rds.

Plus I just googled “doctor cat” and the Internet did not disappoint.

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