Monday, February 26, 2018

I'm not pregnant!

Plus I don’t have a fever! Plus (most of) my skin stopped hurting!
The good news is my doctor said I’m not contagious (or pregnant!) 24 hours after my fever breaks. So I’ll be back among the living tomorrow! (Woooo! The crowd goes wild!)

The bad news is my fever didn’t get me down to my goal weight or give me discernible abs. (The crowd abandons me in search of a better weird friend who has discernible abs.)


Anonymous said...

Great news! I was cleaning my bookmarks and clicked on your blog. I was surprised to see new content! It’s awesome to see you back!

Allen said...

Wow! You are back! I use to read your blog religiously, I loved reading it, it was one of the few blogs that I ever read when I first came out.