Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thirsty theater thelfie

I love every aspect of Giving Tree Theater except for the fact that the words on its marquee sign show up only in highly specific, improbably rare 100-year-stars-aligned atmospheric conditions, SO WHY BOTHER?

Fortunately, those stars are aligned -- albeit behind all these sun-filtering clouds, which I'm sure have no influence on the photovisibility of the words on the marquee sign so I won't even bring it up -- right now, so I was able to get a marquee selfie with my bucket of Diet Coke SINCE OUR CAST PARTY LAST NIGHT WENT TO 2:00 AM so we're going to have an awesome, woke matinee. Just as soon as you get here. Because it's really crappy out. So you might as well come to the theater.

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