Saturday, February 28, 2004

To celebrate surviving another hell week at work, I met Richard and Bob last night for dinner and Thoroughly Modern Millie, which -- though neither thoroughly entertaining nor thoroughly good -- was a lot of fun and JUST what I needed to take my mind off direct mail and credit cards and insurance and endless, endless deadlines. I was surprised to discover I actually (very distantly) know a guy in the cast, but he wasn't in the performance last night.

I stopped at my friendly neighborhood Jewel on the way home for a fresh bottle of NyQuil and then climbed into bed to sleep the sleep of a happily drugged cold sufferer.

This morning I got caught up on old Tribunes and did my taxes (I owe the state $72 and I'm getting $24 back from the feds, so I count it as a pretty good break-even), and now I'm heading out to lube up the car so I don't have any engine-related mishaps on next weekend's jaunt home for my nephew's 5th birthday.

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