Saturday, February 14, 2004

Mark and Rich got married!

I'd been reading about the San Francisco mayor choosing to honor California's constitutional amendment banning discrimination instead of its discriminatory marriage laws, but somehow I was processing the exciting news in the abstract instead of in the real world. So when Mark emailed me that they'd taken the mayor up on his delightful fuck-the-conservative-hatemongers equal-opportunity-for-gays-to-marry decree, I suddenly realized that this exciting news had real consequences for my friends in San Francisco. And when I saw the wedding photos Mark posted on his Web site, I got all teary-eyed to boot.

I'm so excited for Mark and Rich, for all the gay people of San Francisco (and those who've flocked there to get married the moment they found out they could) and for our future rights as equal citizens.

Of course, there are always assholes who aren't happy unless they're making life miserable for others, and the bible-thumpers are already gearing up with their hateful counter-attacks. I will never understand -- in the face of real problems like poverty and illiteracy and all the troubles that heterosexuality causes (like abortion and divorce and child abuse) -- why the scabby little buttholes in the "social conservative" demographic work so damn hard to make a problem out of a non-problem and to hurt people they don't know and in whose lives they have no earthly reason for interfering.

But like most horrible diseases, these people and their hateful opinions will die off in a generation (or much sooner, if we're all lucky) and the rest of us can live happy, prosperous lives without them.

In the mean time, congratulations to Mark and Rich and the rest of the gay-marriage vanguard this Valentine's Day weekend!

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