Friday, February 06, 2004

After yet another in a long string of 10-plus-billable-hour days, I headed out into a beautiful snowstorm last night and walked a full mile (I'm guessing here -- it was at least two Red Line stops) to burn off some frustration and get some fresh air.

And I had someplace great to go: Matthew's fabulous Gold Coast condo, where he was waiting for me with a delicious spread of spinach/bleu cheese/pear salad, homemade lasagna and those molten chocolate souffles that are always so good they make you want to mmmmmmmm with happiness for days after eating them. We devoured our dinner over gossip and The Apprentice (which I liked more than I expected -- especially whenever they showed Troy's handsome mug) and ER, and then I headed home, my tummy happily full of chocolate and candied ginger and toasted pine nuts and pomegranate juice.


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