Thursday, February 26, 2004

"The indignity of being singled out for special burdens on the basis of one's calling is so profound that the concrete harm produced can never be dismissed as insubstantial."

Who said this? The Massachusetts Supreme Court acknowledging the unjust discrimination gay people suffer when they are not allowed to marry?

Nope. It was our very own Antonin "Scabby Little Butthole" Scalia in his dissenting arguments to the SCOTUS decision letting states withhold scholarships from students studying theology.

Scalia didn't seem so concerned about "the indignity of being singled out for special burdens" on the basis of homosexuality -- which is far more innate and fundamental than what he passively refers to as a religious "calling" -- when he voted so angrily and vociferously to uphold sodomy laws last year.

It scares me that a man so obviously unbalanced and so blatantly in the throes of religious hatred is in a position to influence jurisprudence and genuinely threaten the lives of millions of people across the US.

Why doesn't Bush attack him as an "activist judge"? Scalia clearly has a fuck-the-law agenda to foist his repellent, irrational, misanthropic opinions on the country -- and he is in a unique position of power that lets him further his hate-filled agenda with a disconcerting level of influence.

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