Monday, February 23, 2004

So the chorus has this annual just-for-fun dinner every March, and part of the fun is an awards ceremony with all kinds of awards ranging from the silly (most Ethel Merman-like) to the prurient (best buns) to the heartfelt (new chorus member who has made the biggest impression).

At last week's rehearsal we all submitted our nominations, and at last night's rehearsal we voted on the top three nominees in each category. And I got nominated twice.

I forget the title of the first award -- it's something about the chorus member who is (or who thinks he is) the biggest star. And I'm (ahem) bursting with pride to be nominated for the second one: The Jack in the Box Award, which goes to the chorus member who gives the impression he has the biggest ... well, let's just say it's the kind of reputation that every man is glad to have.

And if I win, I'm going to wow everyone with my huge, long acceptance speech.

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