Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Either I've developed some newfound confidence that comes from not wearing glasses anymore or else I'm suddenly, randomly, the hottest man on the planet -- but I've gotten more attention in the three weeks since my LASIK than I've gotten in the three years I've lived here. Woo-hoo!

For example: Sunday night I went to Sidetrack after rehearsal and left with TWO phone numbers from two very hot men -- both of whom approached me! And then I had an awesome date with one of them Monday night. We chatted about everything and nothing for three hours in his funky loft condo and then went for a trashy dinner at Red Lobster. (And then I woke up this morning all bloated and garlic-y, but I guess it's better than waking up all pregnant and bleeding.)

I get the feeling he likes me a lot more than I like him, though. And over the course of our five hours together, he all but dropped the J-bomb on me three or four times. And in my superficial overview of his place, I didn't see one magazine or newspaper or any related periodical indicating a love of reading or following the news. But he's kind and decent and successful and intelligent and he has a strong sense of family, and our evening just flew by. Too bad I'm just getting started being the new and improved confident (read: two-eyed) Jake ...

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