Thursday, March 09, 2017

The biggest con job gain "in years"

To its fleeting credit, Faux News doesn't SPECIFICALLY link job growth to man-boy's sweeping economic-stimulus tweets here. But we've entered a brave new world where Kellyanne Conway unblinkingly wins every Fact Smackdown! lightning round to stay on narrative and Betsy DeVos mathematically eliminates dinosaurs and real news is fake news unless it's actually fake news, which is -- DUH -- real news. And Faux News writes grotesquely misleading tweets that link to grotesquely misleading articles and its willfully ignorant followers provide zero intellectual pushback because IT KEEPS HAPPENING.

And Donna Karan gets all bunchy and uncomfortable under my boobs but I'm gonna keep wearing it because JOB GROWTH.
Read the fucking Faux News misleading bullshit article here

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