Monday, March 13, 2017

It's not "listening" when you tell people what to say

Clearly, "regurgitating" is too hard to spell for you and your crackerjack research team.
Does anyone else smell the frantic, catastrophic stink of desperation here? Our puerile, inarticulate man-boy president can't make up delusional lies fast enough to defend the so-far indefensible Trumpcare so he's actively recruiting people to do it for him.

And not just any people. He's recruiting people who don't find any red flags in the unambiguous statement that man-boy "held a listening session" SOLELY with "Americans who have experienced significant hardship" from the Affordable Care Act. People who think "share your Obamacare disaster story" is an objectively balanced way to confirm or deny man-boy's assertion that the Affordable Care Act is a "complete failure."

He's "polling" his base as a pretense for telling it what to think. It's spiral-down-the-drain circular stupidity. It's manipulative demagoguery for the willfully ignorant. And it's driving the discussion in terrifyingly real time about the future of our nation's healthcare.

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