Thursday, March 09, 2017

Insurance and incompetence in a bro hat

So there's a vicious, defamatory, hopefully humiliating story circulating about how Paul Ryan (as in Speaker of the House Paul Ryan who not too long ago had glamour shots taken of himself curling Barbie weights with his skinny arms and saggy workout costume and backward bro hat as illustrated in the photo below) made a huge PowerPoint presentation today (where he'd done research and used his economics-major training to form his thesis and taken the time to make slides and charts and graphs and presumably practiced beforehand in the mirror before his child tied his tie for him) where he used a chart with infection red for sick people who leech the economy into catastrophic typhoid implosion and blue-blood blue for non-sick people who are forced against their will to not be sick but still bear the crippling financial burden of having their already-paid insurance money pay for all those infection-red leeches who selfishly choose to be sick to explain point-by-unwavering-point how he (presiding United States Speaker of the House Paul Davis Ryan Jr. who has bachelor's degrees in economics and political science from Miami University and who is proudly called the Republican party's "Great Wonk" presumably for his vast and detailed understanding of even the most obscure details of national policy and economics) quite literally and unquestionably does not -- does NOT -- understand the rudimentary financial elements of health insurance.

In non-Jakebabble: Paul Ryan today (admirably) explained exactly how insurance works ... as his argument for how insurance doesn't work.

No, really. In his desperate, not-partisan-at-all effort to discredit the entire Affordable Care Act, he twisted the space-time continuum, mathematically eliminated the entire collective history of global economic learning, and used the very existence of something as immutable proof that it didn't exist.

Either he's actually too stupid and lazy to know how insurance works or he's engaging in intentionally deceptive demagoguery -- elaborately premeditated lying, actually -- to manipulate other people who are too stupid and lazy to know how insurance works.

And just in case you've forgotten: Paul Ryan and his family get free healthcare. Which may be the reason he's not too caught up on the nuts and bolts of insurance the way we commonfolk are.

AND BEFORE I FORGET: Here's Paul Ryan in his saggy workout costume and backward bro hat. Please do not laugh at him derisively. The poor man doesn't understand insurance, much less how not to look like a gym douchebag.

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