Saturday, January 03, 2004

I'm dialated to meet you!

So the LASIK pre-qual checkup yesterday went well. Mapquest got me to Schaumburg with only one wrong turn, I found my way back with only one wrong turn, the doctor says I'm a fine candidate for the surgery (though I'd already learned that from a more expensive doctor in Chicago) and I got to watch someone else get the surgery on a huge screen from my seat in the waiting room.

I'd never had my eyes dialated, though, and I don't care to go through that again anytime soon. Thankfully, it was an extremely overcast day, so driving home didn't require sunglasses.

I stopped for more paint and electrical supplies in Chicago, and now the front hall is about a third done. The nice warm chocolate base coat is up and dry, and now I'm busy measuring, taping and painting all the stripes I had envisioned making the area look all fancy and sophisticated. The second color is MUCH lighter than I'd hoped (as opposed to the first round, where the second color was MUCH darker -- I just can't win), but it's up and it's staying up.

And -- if the gods are with me -- this whole messy thing will be done and cleaned up and handsome-looking by the time I report for work on Monday. Whew!

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