Saturday, January 31, 2004

Another late night at work last night. Whoopee.

Then I met Dan for an even later showing of Monster. The movie is thoroughly disturbing, and I don't care to see it ever again. But it is amazingly written and acted, with a heart-wrenching performance by Charlize Theron.

And you know how everybody thinks pretty actresses are so brave to gain weight or wear ugly makeup to play a part? Well, Charlize certainly let herself go for this role (and we see a lot of the jiggly evidence in the film) but she plays this unattractive, angry character with such force and dignity and nuance and honesty -- never once going for the easy pathos or the obvious caricature -- that she leaves you exhausted. And thoroughly moved. Go see it. (And never, never pick up another trashy hooker on the highway.)

After the movie we headed to Sidetrack for a quick drink and my grand debut as a two-eyed homosexual. I have to say, this LASIK stuff is pretty awesome. And so is the extra attention you get when you're not wearing glasses. I got more eye-locks and grabass in two hours last night than I've gotten there collectively in the last three years. (Of course, the place wasn't exactly teeming with competition; the smart Chicagoans stayed home and out of the bitter cold.)

Now I'm off to some far suburb for the chorus' first CD recording session. Look for us on your favorite music Web site this summer!

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