Thursday, January 15, 2004

Celebrity workouts!

So when R. Kelly isn't (allegedly) peeing on underage girls, he and his posse share a workout schedule with Bill and me. R. himself isn't so attractive in person (he looks kind doughy), but one of his boys sure is hot. (I wouldn't let him pee on me, though.)

And my brushes with fame don't stop there! Apparently I'm also working out every day with the lanky and quite tall Kyle Farnsworth. Poor Kyle can't seem to afford a decent workout wardrobe, though; he's worn the same grungy Jesus is my Homeboy T-shirt every day for the last two weeks. But he sure is cute. And he has a very, very, very nice butt. I just saw it in person. Naked. Grrr!

After judging Kyle's butt, I headed over to the CADM offices to be a judge for the
Tempo Awards. I've been the designated awards entry coordinator at work for the last year or so, so it was interesting to get a look at how other agencies submit their entries -- and at the way everything is judged. I was downright inspired by the creativity behind some of the entries I saw today ... and I was outright appalled at the abject simplicity behind some of the others.

In any case, judging was a nice respite from my hectic workload -- and it made me feel all accomplished and important that I was even asked.

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