Sunday, January 11, 2004

A cold weekend in Chicago.

It's too damn cold here to lie around inert, so I'm keeping myself busy and my blood circulating:

- Keith and I signed up for French lessons yesterday. Neither of us has studied French, but we have proficiency in German and Spanish, respectively. Our language-learning prowess notwithstanding, the hottie at the Alliance Fran├žaise insisted that we start with the pre-beginner class. So I guess we'll spend the next 10 weeks mastering our vowel sounds and numbers and days of the week.
- I made the long, ugly trek to Menards and Home Depot yesterday to return all the unused stuff from my hallway-painting-and-light-switch-replacing project. Driving all the way down to the traffic-clogged North and Clybourn area is always such a treat.
- Matt and I enjoyed a taste of suburban chain food for dinner last night on our way to Chuck's housewarming party in East Rogers Park, where we chatted and gossiped and flirted with people until 2 in the morning.
- I currently have nine articles of rarely-worn winter clothing in my giveaway pile. I vow to take that number to 20 before I drop everything off at the Brown Elephant on my way to tonight's chorus rehearsal.
- And I have to be in bed early tonight; I take off at 6:30 tomorrow morning for a whirlwind trip to New York City where I'll get to observe five hours of focus groups. Whee!

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