Tuesday, January 20, 2004

So I got home late enough last night to fold laundry and catch Average Joe 2: Hawaii. I kinda liked the first Average Joe -- what little I caught of it -- because the "hot" guys weren't oh-my-god hot, and they clearly didn't see themselves in Darwinian proportions.

But the "hot" guys on Average Joe 2 -- though some of them are pretty amazing to behold -- are assholes. They're clearly arrogant and competitive and filled with a disturbing glee over the prospect of hurting the unattractive guys -- which is something they probably already get to do (glee or not) every moment of their not-on-TV lives.

I wonder where they get this need to behave like vicious junior-high-school girls -- proudly recorded on camera, no less. If they weren't fighting for the affections of a woman, I'd venture an educated guess that they were all gay crack-whore circuit trash.

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