Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I'm back from an awesome holiday week with the family. But it's good to be home.

And I've been busy since I've been back:
- I painted my front hall. (Well -- ALMOST painted. I got everything done but the closet door and then I ran out of paint. And the paint store is closed today and tomorrow. And the accent color I bought is waaaaaay too dark, so I have to buy something lighter when I'm there. But I'm almost done with this project. Right?)
- Before I painted, I installed dimmer switches on a bunch of lights. I was going to move three of the lights to the back of the wall they currently occupy, but the switch box I bought was deeper than the wall -- and when I got all the electrical stuff torn apart, moving everything looked like waaaaay more work than I cared to undertake.
- Paul and a friend from SF came over this afternoon to watch my new Pirates of the Caribbean DVD, but the special features menu was fucked up so we could watch only the movie. What's the point of having a DVD if you can't watch the bloopers and the deleted scenes?
- I've covered my condo with rarely-worn clothes in an attempt to decide what stays and what goes. It's hard to part with my children, but I refuse to let my stuff occupy more room than I get to live in.

Now I'm off to a housewarming/NYE party at Terry and Kent's. See you next year!

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