Saturday, December 20, 2003

Unexpected fun

I was supposed to see Urinetown with Richard last night, but he got the flu and had to cancel. I mentioned my suddenly free evening to Kelly at work, and before I knew it, she and Marty and I were embarking on an evening of adventure. Check out all we did:

1) Madly finish packing everything in our offices
2) Stop at Marty's so he could walk Lola, his beautiful greyhound
3) Have pizza and salad at Piece
4) Giggle our way through Elf, a silly, dorky, rather predictable but endlessly funny holiday classic-in-the-making
5) Stumble upon a FREE indoor parking lot in Lakeview (woo-hoo!)
6) Meet up with Anders, Chris, JP, Carl, Jimmy et al. at a funky little Lakeview straight bar
7) Crawl up a block to another straight bar curiously packed with homos
8) Collapse in bed around 1:00

Now I have a mountain of last-minute holiday errands to accomplish today before I get ready for a double birthday party for Jim and Jeff tonight. The mandatory dress code is holiday drag, and I don't have a thing to wear.

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