Thursday, December 11, 2003

Tech week

Not a lot to report this week -- spacing rehearsal at the theater on Tuesday, tech rehearsal last night, dress rehearsal tonight. The show is going extremely well, and we should be awesome by the time we open on Friday.

At least we'd better be awesome -- a good 20 of my co-workers are coming during the run of the show.

Speaking of work, I had to miss our company Christmas party last night -- for the second year in a row -- because of rehearsal. But we had a company meeting yesterday afternoon, and -- again for the second year in a row -- we were named Agency of the Year in our conglomerate's worldwide network. And that position on the food chain earned us each $100 in cash.

Today I'm off to my second preliminary LASIK checkup -- this time at a much cheaper doctor in the suburbs. The doctor in downtown Chicago was gonna ask $5,000 for the procedure, and the suburban guy wants only $3,000. Both doctors have operated (successfully) on my friends, and I figure the long-ass commute is worth saving a good $2,000 -- especially since I'm going to London and Paris in the fall!

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