Thursday, December 25, 2003

A bellyfull of Christmas cheer.

I made it home safely, and we had a wonderful Christmas eve/day as a family -- it was filled with our traditional Norwegian dinner (and traditional Norwegian dinner leftovers the next day), lots of music, lots of canasta, some snuggly naps and two very excited children.

The little doctor outfit I got the nephew and the Disney Princesses dress-up set I got the niece went over extremely well, and I got a pretty nifty-ass mixer for my already-packed kitchen. (Someday I may even learn to cook.) Tomorrow we'll hit all the after-Christmas sales in the hopes of scoring bargains -- and of running into people I haven't seen in ages.

Now it's time to put the kids to bed and play even more canasta. Pardon my smiley emoticon, but it's been a very merry Christmas indeed. :)