Sunday, December 14, 2003

I got three standing ovations this weekend.
What did you accomplish?

The show's over, and now I can focus all my attention on my damn Christmas letter. Just as soon as I get my laundry done.

Mom and Dad drove in to see the show yesterday, and on their way to my house from the theater last night they got run into the median by a bad bus driver. They ended up blowing a tire -- and then they discovered their spare was flat as well. Whee. It was midnight by the time we realized our little saga wouldn't get resolved until morning, so I decided to forgo the cast party last night and get some sleep.

Then Dad and I got up at some ungodly hour this morning to meet the AAA guy who towed him to the Sears tire center -- but we were first in line and Sears even opened early, so we got all fixed up and Mom and Dad left for home by noon with four new tires safely gripping the road underneath them. And while we were at Sears today, I got my tires rotated -- so I'm done worrying about them for another 7,000 miles.

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