Sunday, August 10, 2003

We are moving

But it's FUN. T. and I had a marvelous lost weekend -- albeit one that involved a party with his friends and inordinate hours wading hand-in-hand through the sweaty throngs of Market Days. But he's sweet and interesting and fun and way more social than I'd ever hope to be. And he has beautiful blue eyes. And then there's that smile. The smile that melts my cold, cynical heart every time I sneak a look at him. (And every time I look, he's usually already staring back, smiling at me.)

Did I mention he's a model? And an ex-gymnast? And he has not one but TWO photo albums of him and all the beautiful famous people he's worked with? And that he drives a motorcycle? Grrrrr.

Jesus. Am I in a romantic porno fantasy? Or am I just projecting WAY too much onto a meet-cute weekend fling? Either way, I'm having/I've had a great time. And I'm diving in with my eyes wide open. And a newfound little skip in my step.

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