Tuesday, August 26, 2003

So the Iowa visit was great. Leslie and I always have fun road-tripping home together, hanging out with our separate families and then gossiping about our adventures all the way home.

This trip was all about eating and playing with the kids. We devoured Iowa pork chops and corn on the cob, had brunch in the Amanas, ate Tomaso's Pizza with Matt and Jeff and Jacob and Scott, and baked cookies that my nephew kept calling "fresh cookies" every time he ate them. (Does stuff like that mean he's gonna be queer? The jury is still out.)

I also kicked some serious family butt in canasta, but then I got my butt kicked the next day. We usually schedule our games when my niece and nephew are asleep, but thanks to a new Elmo video we were able to squeeze in some quality daytime card-playing as well.

I bought two kick-ass DVDs, and I may have also bought some fabulous club chairs. They're currently on hold while I decide if they'll fit where I want to put them. It's not easy packing comfort and style into my shoebox in the sky.

I also took advantage of the privacy and calm of my folks' driveway to prime and repaint some rust spots on my aging car. It's too dark to perform such cosmetic surgery in my Chicago garage, and I'd hate to do it on the street with cars whizzing by all the time. Grandma would be proud that I'm taking such good care of my things. Even if the thing in question here is one of the shittiest cars ever made.

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