Sunday, August 17, 2003

After more than two years in my building, I finally used our pool. Who knew it was so nice? Brian and Dave came over yesterday afternoon, and the five of us headed to the pool and the rooftop sundeck for some afternoon relaxation. And now I know why my assessments are so high: We have some gorgeous landscaping up there.

After a long nap in the sun (under the relentless protection of SPF 45), we headed to Brian's for a Boystown barbecue. T., who doesn't even realize he's undermining all my vows to remain a swinging single, joined us after he got off work. After a couple hours, T. and I climbed on his motorcycle (WOOF) and headed to his house so he could shower and change. Then it was back to Boystown where I could show him off at a chorus birthday party.

We got back to his house around midnight, just as the heavens opened -- and we enjoyed each other's company by candlelight for a good two hours as the rain pounded outside, then we fell blissfully asleep.

This morning Matt and Jeff joined us for brunch at Nookie's on their way home from a five-day visit. T. and I headed back to my place ostensibly so he could get his stuff for a beach volleyball game, but we got distracted. Now he's finally playing volleyball and I'm supposed to be boning up on some music for my chorus reaudition this afternoon.

It was a very good weekend.

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