Thursday, August 21, 2003

News from the Department of Goddamnit

So I'm sitting in yoga class today, hoping hoping hoping that J. the ultra-hot dance captain for The Lion King, takes the class too -- and maybe even puts his mat down next to mine. And -- YAY! -- he shows up and puts his mat down next to mine ... and I spend the next 45 minutes sneaking peeks at his sexy feet as I bend and twist my way to a better body. And once in a while, I catch him sneaking peeks back. :)

But I'd heard he was dating someone, and I'd given him my number a couple months ago and he'd never called, so I figured he was interested only in a say-hi-when-we-see-each-other-at-the-gym kind of relationship.

So class ends and he turns to me with those dreamy eyes and we make small talk about my running injury and how his show is going ... and suddenly we're making plans to have lunch. Today. And before I can say I have a lunch date with the dance captain of The Lion King, I'm having a lunch date with the dance captain of The Lion King. And it's going well and we're asking each other questions about our jobs and families and making other pleasant small talk ... and then he volunteers that he's "kind of seeing someone." And THEN he volunteers that he really wanted to ask me out when we first met.


My heart almost catching in my throat, I reminded him that I had given him my phone number a couple months ago, and he said that was about the time that his "kind of seeing someone" romance started getting serious. CURSE THE TIMING.

Then he told me this amusing story about how his good friend Cher was in Chicago recently and the two of them went to see Seabiscuit together, but I was still reeling from the news that my silly little fantasy about dating the dance captain of The Lion King had not, in fact, been so silly. Or even a fantasy.


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