Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I have created a monster.

Now Bill wants to be mentioned by name here. But (he claims) he rated me a 10 on hotornot, so I guess I gotta acknowledge our friendship.

And it's my pleasure to introduce you to him.

Bill is kind of the first guy I picked up in a bar when I moved here. I'd been to Hollywood Beach that day, see, and I'd gotten myself fried to the point that the people at Red Lobster were trying to put me on the menu. But being new to Chicago and all, I had no intention of letting a severe sunburn keep me from exploring the bars that night. So I went to the Manhole, where you have to be shirtless to be on the dance floor and it's so dark no one can hear you scream when you get bumped on your burn. And that's when I met Bill. But being burned and all, the most intimate I was willing to be with a stranger was the exchange of phone numbers.

And (almost exactly) three years later, we've exchanged gifts, emails, phone calls and stories about our Chicago adventures. And now he's madly in love with a very cool guy. And I have first (OK -- maybe twelfth) dibs on being his maid of honor.

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