Sunday, August 10, 2003


So I'm at Market Days yesterday and I run into my friends Bill and Gabe from Miami (because it IS a small world) and we're wandering through the throngs admiring all the hot men and dodging all the dogs and strollers (who brings dogs and strollers to a crowded street fair?) when my eyes lock with a beautiful man standing in one of the booths. Since we're not able to move very fast in the crowd, our eyes lock a good 10 more times -- and we both get these huge shit-eating grins -- before I'm fully past him. Now, the Normal Jake would panic and keep moving because What If He Didn't Like Me. But I'm getting pretty tired of the Normal Jake, so I -- palms fully sweating -- break away from Bill and Gabe and actually WALK UP TO HIM AND SAY HI. That was Saturday about 3:30 in the afternoon. It's now 9:17 am on Sunday...

And Jesus if he doesn't score high on the Boyfriend Aptitude Test:
Doesn't drink. Check.
Doesn't smoke. Check.
No drugs. Check.
Polite to strangers. Check.
Cool friends. Check.
Fun to talk to. Check.
Gainfully employed. Check.
In a career he loves. Check.
More of a homebody than a party boy. Check.
Amazing kisser. Check.
Decent and kind. Check.
Into me. Check.
Cuter than all goddamn hell. Check.

I'm either in the middle of a very fun weekend fling or at the beginning of a very cool romantic adventure. And you heard about it here first.

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