Thursday, August 07, 2003

A single person

That's what I'm called on my refi documents. Not a good tap dancer or an attentive listener or a conscientious flosser. Just A Single Person. I don't know why that bugs me -- especially since I've seen it all four times I've signed mortgage and refi papers over the last three years.

But I'm all refinanced and locked into a rate that's so fabulously low it needs a booster seat when it eats with me. And this time I had none of the Chicago Title and Trust fuckups that have plagued my mortgaging and refinancing efforts since I moved to Chicago. At my mortgage closing, the attorney for the developer kept commenting on how hot my arms looked instead of telling me important things about when I needed to get checks to her people. Then CT&T lost my entire mortgage package and I had to come in and sign everything again. My first refi got my tax information fucked up and my taxes got paid TWICE -- which was more than a bitch to resolve with the Cook County Treasurer. My second refi was calculated using the doubled tax figures from the first refi, and fixing it was so complicated we just abandoned the whole effort and started over. That was in March, and today we finally got all the numbers checked and the papers signed and the new low monthly payments smiled at.


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