Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Things I learned at the dermatologist’s yesterday:

Britney Spears is apparently in some kind of emotional trouble.

Kevin Federline is going to reveal a new look this year. The public has voted, though, and people think it will probably be just like his old look.

Cate Blanchett broke her wrist. Or maybe it was Uma Thurman.

The People magazine I was reading was from January, though, so all of this might be old news to you. Even though it was new news to me.

I have two little bumps on my scalp. They’re not scaly and gross or anything; they’re just bumps. Like rubbery Rice Krispies under my dermis. They are apparently nothing of concern, but they do have a cool, important-sounding name. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what it is.

I have healed remarkably well from my last round of mole biopsies. So well, in fact, that my dermatologist declared my achievement in healing “unprecedented.”

I was also congratulated on my responsible SPF usage.

Though I really should moisturize more every morning.

I make very dark moles.

But not so dark that there’s anything to worry about.

Though I need to monitor three specific moles on my body: one on each knee and one in a location I’ve already forgotten. Maybe it was on my stomach.

And I don’t need any biopsies this year. So I won’t get to practice my healing.

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