Friday, April 20, 2007

Wonderful! What can I say but wonderful?

So not only did I win the Dreamgirls DVD in Joe.My.God's first-ever Swag Tuesday, but I found out I won on my birthday. Which is so awesome I could almost dress up like a girl and start singing show tunes.

And speaking of dressing up like a girl and singing show tunes, the chorus Sidetrack show opens tonight (and closes tomorrow), so if you want to see me dancing around in heels and rice-and-pantyhose boobs, this is your last chance for a very long time; all my theater stuff goes in storage (with the drag stuff at the very back) beginning Sunday so I can concentrate on more boy-type things. Like stencilng the guest bedroom.

But on the off chance you're all too cheap to buy last-minute plane tickets to come see me (and I'm acting totally against my better judgment here), I'm postintg a picture taken during last night's dress rehearsal. See if you can tell which pic is from the movie and which pic is from our show:

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