Sunday, April 29, 2007

My new best friends

We had our first AIDS Mararathon training run yesterday, where we all whipped out three miles and got ourselves assigned to our new pace groups. I was promoted from last year's 10:00 group to the 9:30 group this year. So did Fearless Leader Matthew and his trusty camera. Which means many, many, many more pix for my blog.

And here's the first of them: a study in light, shade and squinty people who will soon become best friends forever:

While you're admiring our confident faces and our full-motion, flex-action hips and knees at the dawn of this journey, you might as well whip out your credit card and sponsor me now and get it out of the way. Because I'm going to hound you until you do. Bloggers can be shameless that way.

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